Juvelook is a collagen skin booster injected into the skin and thinning areas on the face to reverse signs of ageing.

As a hybrid filler, it carries the immediate filling effect of Hyaluronic Acid (typically found in conventional Skinboosters) and long-term collagen stimulation of Poly D-Lactic Acid (PDLA), often found in collagen biostimulators.

What is Juvelook?


Juvelook is prized for its patented ultrafine PDLA and HA molecule-technology which enables intense collagen production stimulation and very natural looking results.

This has been the anti-aging trend in Korea where dermatologists and aesthetic doctors are moving away from conventional HA (teosyal and profhilo) and Rejuran (which functions as a healer rather than a collagen stimulator) to treatments such as Juvelook which yields more sustained and long term skin rejuvenation effects.


The POREfect solution for enlarged pores


Acne scars
Although acne scar tissue can be ablated or removed with heat with lasers or microneedling, the collagen stimulation achieved is still not ideal enough to remodel skin back to 'normal' skin. This is especially the case for crater and ice pick scars.
Big skin pores
Juvelook does not induce acne outbreaks like energy device treatments. It especially effective for enlarged nose skin pores and larger hypersecretive skin pores.
Juvelook results in a profound improvement in overall skin texture and wrinkles.

Overflow your collagen bank with Juvelook


In a world where time seems to move faster than ever, the quest for eternal youth remains an age-old desire. From ancient elixirs to modern skincare innovations, humanity has tirelessly pursued the elusive secret to maintaining youthful vitality. Enter Juvelook – a revolutionary product poised to redefine the skincare landscape and reignite the flames of youthful radiance.

Juvelook promises to do more than just address the signs of aging; it aims to overflow your collagen bank, replenishing and revitalizing your skin from within. But what exactly sets Juvelook apart from the myriad of skincare products lining the shelves?

At the heart of Juvelook’s breakthrough formula lies a potent blend of scientifically-proven ingredients meticulously curated to stimulate collagen production at its core. Collagen, the building block of youthful skin, naturally diminishes with age, leading to the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity. Juvelook seeks to reverse this inevitable process by providing your skin with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive.


Frequently Asked Questions

What result can I expect?
Patients can expect to see bouncier skin with noticeable improvements in texture and skin tone. Right after treatment, you should observe an immediate plumping effect. Patients who have mild to moderate wrinkles or fine lines may notice smoother and younger-looking skin. Those with acne scars may even see some improvement – hence, JuveLook is recommended as part of acne scar treatment.
Am I a suitable candidate for this procedure?
JuveLook is designed to treat skin problems such as skin tone, enlarged pores, age spots, acne scars and wrinkles. This makes it suitable for patients across a wide range of ages and skin types. It is also an alternative for those who cannot undergo laser therapy.
How many treatments do I need?
It is recommended to go for 3 to 4 sessions with 1 session every 4 weeks to see remarkable improvments in your skin. Thereafter, depending on your treatment plan, one may opt to do maintenance regime between 3 to 6 monthly.